TSHD Swalinge renovation

Familiar and good

"The Swalinge"

The Swalinge was built as a coaster in 1977 and rebuilt into a trailing-suction hopper dredger after being purchased by Den Herder Seaworks in 1996.

The extension of the Swalinge with 37.1 m will be realized in the spring of 2022. This will increase the current hopper volume from 1800m³ to 3000m³.

The dry-unloading installation with unloading crane, conveyor belts and shore belt have been developed and built according to our own insight. The unloading time of the Swalinge will be 2.5 hours on average. The ship will be equipped with a specially designed hydraulically adjustable sieving installation.

With the help of spud poles, mooring operations are limited to a minimum.

Extension and modernization of the TSHD Swalinge

In order to be able to better serve customers in the future, the shareholders of Den Herder Seaworks BV have decided to extend and modernize the Swalinge.

This improves the deployment options within our fleet for the Swalinge and allows transport movements/deliveries to be better coordinated and optimised.

The hull of the Swalinge is still very suitable for an extension and the ship will retain its ice class after the renovation.

The main components of the conversion of the TSHD Swalinge are:

  • extension by 37.1 m, increasing the loading capacity by 1200 m3 to approx. 3000 m3.
  • Installing two extendable spud poles to shorten mooring and mooring times.
  • The construction and design of a completely new hydraulically adjustable sieving installation.
  • Fitting a second 450 kW bow thruster for better manoeuvrability.
  • Fitting a nozzle around the propeller.
  • Installing a newly designed bulbous bow.

The total conversion and supply of all necessary components is done in and by Dutch companies.




Type of vessel:


Single screw trailing suction hopper dredger with nozzle, single suction pipe, bottom doors, shore press and dry unloading installation with crane, conveyor belts and shore belt.

Year of construction

1977/ converted in 1996 and 2022

Call sign
Home port/flag
Yerseke, The Netherlands
100 A1, A2 hopper dredger, LMC
Sailing areas
A1 & A2
Navigation/ safety equipment:
In accordance with class requirements and SI

spud poles

2x telescopic, winch operated.


Length overall:
118.40 m
Length between perpendiculars:
114.56 m
14,60 m
6.15 m
GT / NT:

3254 GT / … NT

Tank capacity:

Fuel tanks total:
447 m3
Lubricating oil tanks total:
10 m3
Hydraulic oil tanks total:
14 m3

Dredger installation:

Hopper capacity:
3000 m3, dead weight approx. 5,224 tons
Dredging depth :
Approx. 30 metres
charge pump:
Own design, powered by Caterpillar type 3512-HD, 1,400 kW
Discharge pump:
Van Rees, type 650/550, driven by main engine
Jet water pump:
1x Nijhuis 750 kW, driven by diesel engine 1x Nijhuis 500 kW, driven by electromotor
Suction pipe/gantries
In-house design, diameter 850 mm, with cardan shaft, jet water pipe and draghead. Gantries with winches and stabilizers.
Hydraulically adjustable
Dry unloading installation:

Hydraulic crane with grab of 13m3, mobile on rails, conveyor belts and shore belt electrically/hydraulically driven

Engine room:

Main engine:
MAN B&W diesel engine, type 8L27/38, power 2,720 kW, gearbox MAN B&W AMG-28-VO and Propeller type VS 860,
Generator sets:
3x Caterpillar, type 3412, 490 kW 1x Caterpillar, type 3306, 170 kW 2x DAF, type 615, 60 kW
LIPS with 500 kW electric motor,