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Specialized in the extraction of sand and gravel

Den Herder Seaworks is an internationally operating family business specialized in the extraction of sand and gravel from the seabed for customers in the concrete industry, sand trade and ground-, road- and hydraulic engineering.

Den herder seaworks

What we do

The company supervises for all her clients, at home and abroad , the entire transport chain, from the extraction at sea, transport to the unloading location and the dry unloading on shore, in a stockpile, bunker and or a project.

The sea aggregates can be loaded from several available dredging areas/concessions and can, if desired, be screened whereby the cargo, regarding the grain composition, could meet the specific requirements of the customer as well as possible.

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Sand and gravel

The sand supplied / from dynamic extraction areas located on the Dutch continental shelf are supplied in accordance with the Building Materials Decree (KIWA BRL 9313), together with a statement from KIWA that the sand supplied from those extraction areas is PFAS free.

On behalf of Den Herder Seaworks the sea aggregates which we supply from foreign areas, intended for the Dutch market, are random examined on the presence of PFAS. From cargoes which we deliver from these foreign dredging locations we will send, at customers request, the results of the inspection reports regarding the absence of PFAS.

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