Our Family Business

Our services

Den Herder Seaworks is an important independent service provider in the field of extraction, transport and dry unloading of sea aggregates on location in Northern Europe.

International and Dutch clients instruct us to supply sea aggregates from their own concession areas to their production units situated in different ports for the delivery of sea aggregates for the production of transport concrete and whether for the manufacturing of concrete products.

All sea aggregates can be screened statically at the various dredging locations, at the clients request, in order to meet, as well as possible, the desired customer specification.
Our TSHD’s are built under Class requirements of Lloyds Register or Bureau Veritas.

Because we use the most modern dredge- and screen techniques, we can supply quality products. Due to the presence of the very advanced unloading methodology onboard all our ships and the ability to use spud poles present on several of our vessels, we can unload fast, independent and efficiently.

Our unloading possibilities are:

  • dry discharge by means of its own conveyor belt in a shore depot, or bunker.
  • wet discharge by means of a sand pressure line.
  • redemption through bottom doors.
  • dry transhipment directly into cargo vessels.
  • dry phased discharge in projects, using their own conveyor belt, for filling caissons, sheet pile constructions and the construction of (work) islands in the sea.

The strength of our company is great customer service and service orientation, whereby the timely delivery of sea aggregates is our starting point.