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Den Herder Seaworks delivers sea aggregates, sand and gravel, in the various grain compositions from several dredging concessions which are located in and around the North Sea and the English Channel.

All sea aggregates can be screened, during loading, according to the wish and specification of the customer. The sand delivered/coming from dredging areas located on the Dutch continental shelf are delivered according to the Product certificate KIWA BRL 9313 with a statement from KIWA, that sand delivered from those dredging areas is PFAS free.

On Den Herder Seaworks own initiative, Den Herder Seaworks examined the sea aggregates which we supply from foreign areas, intended for the Dutch market, by an independent agency, on the presence of PFAS. This also shows that the several foreign dredging locations used by Den Herder Seaworks are PFAS free.

Through our years of experience, knowledge, skilled staff and the many concession areas, where we have a long-time period access to, we are able to deliver a high quality of raw sea aggregates with a constant quality.