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About DH Seaworks

Den Herder Seaworks is an internationally operating family business, owned by the brothers Den Herder. All four brothers are working on various positions within the company.

With a modern fleet of self-designed and developed Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers (TSHD) customers are efficiently and quickly provided with sand and gravel, from several dredging locations, that for a long term, are available for Den Herder Seaworks.

In addition to its activities , as service provider for the extraction, transport and unloading of sea aggregates for third parties, Den Herder Seaworks delivers certified sand according to the Product certificate KIWA BRL 9313, from its own concession areas on the Dutch continental shelf.

The company consists of the Holding Den Herder Seaworks B.V. including the following operating companies.

  • Spauwer Marine Aggregates B.V.
  • Scelveringhe Scheepvaart B.V.
  • Swalinge Scheepvaart B.V.

Each operating company owns his own TSHD and technical department/team (TD) and are responsible for the management, maintenance and operations of their vessel. The Spauwer was designed in-house, the hull was built in China and under the supervision of our own TD the Spauwer has been further phased out in the Netherlands.